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Guilt Free Holiday Charcuterie Boards… The RXBAR Way!

Posted: November 01, 2021

Snickerdoodles. Gingerbread. Pumpkin Spice. Pecans.

These are the things that holiday charcuterie board dreams are made of.

But… they’re also often made of a bunch of B.S. (you know, bad stuff).

Now we’re not here to tell you to stay away from your favorite holiday flavors. 100% not our style. Instead, we say indulge. Just do it smartly. And without the guilt. You know the RXBAR no B.S way.

And while you’re at it, why not turn your longing for holiday flavors into an easy-yet-impressive holiday charcuterie board? Keep reading and we’ll show you how.



One bite into our Snickerdoodle protein bars and you’ll be brought right back to the days of reaching your hand in the holiday cookie jar. Except, this time, this decadent holiday treat is packing 12g of protein. Pair with figs on your charcuterie board for a classic holiday flavor without the guilt.




Pumpkin spice and all things nice… like cranberries! Our Pumpkin Spice protein bars are anything but basic and are made with your favorite fall flavors: pumpkin, cinnamon, cloves and a few other simple ingredients. Paired with cranberries they create their own little Thanksgiving charcuterie on this side of your enviable board. 



With no added sugar and spice, this seasonal Gingerbread protein bars is everything nice. Seriously. It’s made with allspice, ginger, sea salt, and a few other simple ingredients. And when you partner it up with apricots you create that sweet, spicy, slightly salty thing that holiday charcuterie board dreams are made of.



Even though our limited edition Pecan protein bars are made with real pecans (plus a hint of cinnamon and a few other simple ingredients) we think pairing them on your charcuterie board with candied pecans is nothing short of genius. Why? Because who can get enough of pecans this time of year?!


Now you’ve laid out the core of your charcuterie board, feel free to sprinkle some other fruit in for a little extra flair and voila – your own, guilt-free, ridiculously delicious holiday charcuterie board. You’re welcome.