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3 Ways to Celebrate Earth Day This Year.

Posted: April 22, 2021

Did you know that this year is the 51st Anniversary of officially celebrating Earth Day? To celebrate our love for the planet and the great outdoors, we’ve put together a few ways that you can get involved!

For starters, recycle as much as you can.

If you don’t already recycle, find some time to add a second container at home where you can dispose recyclables. See if your neighborhood or apartment building offers recycling pick-up and if not, find a recycling outpost near you. 

Enjoy the great outdoors with the right tunes.

Go for a walk, jog, or hike while rocking out to our specially curated Spotify playlists that are made for the outdoors! Tune in with your headphones, or bump the volume on your speaker for everyone to enjoy. You can find our free playlists by clicking here and here.

(Please note, we tried to create a balanced mix of songs that both humans, Mother Earth, and animals would enjoy. We do not take responsibility for any lack of interest the squirrels may show. But if they start to bob their head, definitely document that with your phone.)

Break a sweat outside with RXBAR ambassador, Peter Kraus

Get outside and put it all out there with our fun and free #RXercise workouts. No workout equipment necessary, just bring a towel and water bottle, and get ready to break a sweat in your own backyard or at a park nearby. But if you’re going to a public park, might we suggest some neon 80’s workout gear to really make a statement? Just a suggestion. Feel free to accept or reject.

To tune in to the workout on your own time, click here.

Ready to celebrate Earth Day? We know we are!

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