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8 Easy Habits for a Better New Year

Posted: January 23, 2023

Small changes = big impact. We love making big changes too, but sometimes it’s easier if you break things down into bite-sized pieces rather than trying to “fix” your entire life all at once. As fitness-forward people, we’re used to setting big goals for big gains – but if you’re looking to make some small changes to improve your overall wellness this year (or supplement some of your bigger goals), we’ve got some ideas to get you started!

Woman in exercise gear holding a Chocolate Sea Salt RX Bar

1. Get off of transit 1 or 2 stops early

Commuting most of the way there will keep things efficient, but getting off the subway or bus before your stop (or parking your car farther away in the parking lot) and walking the rest of the way will get your blood pumping without any kind of big commitment!

2. Replace one drink a day with water

Whether that be your second cup of coffee (or second glass of wine) or a diet soda at lunch, your body will thank you for the extra hydration!

3. Eat breakfast

By boosting your metabolism and giving yourself the energy you need for the day, you’re much more likely to stick to good habits for the rest of your waking hours. Consider eating breakfast as a gift to your future self a few hours from now. If you’re not usually a breakfast person, start easy with RXBAR A.M. or Oats for a low-effort, high payoff start to the day.

4. Start taking a vitamin D supplement

Check with your doctor to see if this is something you need, but most of us aren’t getting enough vitamin D, especially if you don't live in the sunny southern states. Vitamin D helps support the immune system function, so it’s a big yes for us!

5. Carve out time for quiet

This doesn’t have to mean a full-on meditation session if that’s not your thing! This can be done in super tiny ways. For example, not scrolling Twitter while you’re on the toilet, taking a shower without any music playing, or going for a walk without headphones at the ready. Having moments of silence throughout the day gives your brain a chance to process things that it can’t when it’s constantly distracted.

6. Make nutritious food convenient

If you have nutritious foods handy, you’re going to be more likely to eat them rather than going for the bag of chips. In some cases, it’ll require minimal prep like chopping some carrots to make them snack-ready, but in others, you can stock your favorite pre-packaged snacks for super easy grab-it-and-have-it options. Any flavor RXBAR will help get you going after a workout.

7. If you’re a desk worker, stand up!

It’s a pretty safe guess that sitting for 8 hours a day isn’t awesome for you, but for us 9-5ers, it’s the reality. If a standing desk is too much of an investment, try standing and doing a quick lap once per hour to help loosen things up and correct your posture.

8. Slap on some SPF before you leave the house

It takes less than a minute to slather some SPF onto your face – seriously if there’s one non-negotiable from this list, this is it!

Disclaimer: Our content is provided for entertainment and general information about or related to our products and is not offered as a healthcare service. To help you assess, measure, improve, or learn about mental and physical health, please seek advice from a qualified health professional.

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