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5 Easy Ways to Treat Yourself this Holiday

Posted: December 1, 2022

Small gingerbread cookies on a plate

Let’s cut right to the chase, we WILL be enjoying our favorite holiday foods this year. We’re going to do so without guilt, and we’re going to feel nothing but joy as we dig into some turkey! Since we want to holiday-ify as much as humanly possible – but we sadly can’t eat our entire weight in turkey – we’re going to sneak in a few healthier ways to enjoy the holidays that are still full of flavor and festive fun! Here are 5 easy ways to amp up the holly jollies this year:


1. Seasonal Snacks

Add a little ho-ho-ho while you’re on the go! RXBARs are an easy way to pack in 12g of protein with clean ingredients and 0g of added sugar. Even better is that we’ve got two festive flavors available just in time for the holidays – our Pecan and Gingerbread RXBAR!

2. Dress Up Your Coffee

Give your morning brew a festive makeover! Sprinkle antioxidant-rich cinnamon into a cup of coffee for a sugar-free seasonally spiced drink. Bonus points if you garnish with a whole cinnamon stick to really get into the spirit! For a non-caffeinated option, add a few drops of chocolate extract to your peppermint tea for some big chocolate candy cane vibes!

3. Make Your Mornings Merry

Our go-to breakfast during the holiday season is a super easy gingerbread yogurt bowl! Swirl gingerbread spices into Greek yogurt, add some fun toppings like walnuts, dark chocolate chips, or sliced apples, and you’ve got breakfast in 5 minutes that’s both filling and festive! The same can be done with some peppermint extract stirred in instead – swap out the toppings and you’re good to go!

4. Incorporate Red and Green Foods

Why not make it a fun exercise to incorporate some holiday cheer into your weekday meals? Red and green are two of the healthiest colors to put on your plate, so it’s a win-win for festiveness and function! Try things like a spinach salad with cranberries for lunch, roasted broccoli and red peppers as a side dish, or a pesto chicken bake with tomatoes for a quick dinner!

5. Sprinkle in a Few High Protein Treats

Rather than balling out at the dessert table and maybe eating a few more cookies than your stomach can handle, keep your cravings satisfied with some high protein treats that still hit the spot.. Having something that feels like a special treat on a more regular basis during this season of sweets will help curb that scarcity mindset of “must eat alllll the cookies now!” – you just have to be smart about it. We’re keeping our recipe for Festive Gingerbread Friends in our back pocket so we can have our friends AND eat them too! Also, it’s barely a recipe – seriously, it’s two ingredients. Make a batch to bring to your next cookie swap, or hide them away and save them for yourself. We won’t tell anyone!

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