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Mental Health Reset: 7 Small Ways to Reset Your Mental State

Posted: March 31, 2022

Mental Health Reset - 7 Small Ways to Reset Your Mental State

Have you been in a slump and not crushing your goals like you were hoping you would? *cough* Yeah… us too.

While succumbing to the slump and sinking further into the couch is the easy thing to do, the value of goal setting is that it's not about achieving the goal, but the effort involved. So with this in mind, we’re putting our foot down! Sometimes shaking up your routine in a small way is enough to press the mental reset button – so that’s what we’ll do and we hope you join us!

Here are 7 simple things you can try to help you get back on track!

1. Change Up Your Workout Routine

Are you a runner? Try swimming! Love a HIIT workout? Take a dance class! Is yoga your jam? Give weight lifting a whirl! Learning how to switch up a workout routine is an easy way to make working out fun again. Trying a new workout is a really fun way to challenge yourself, and maybe fall in love with a new way to sweat! If trying a new workout sounds too daunting, try to squeeze in movement however and whenever you can! Climbing a few flights of stairs in your apartment building, doing some lunges while you wait for the kettle to boil, or getting in a few calf raises while you brush your teeth are easy ways to up your step count and burn a few calories!

2. Bring Something to Life

If you’re not already a plant parent, hear us out. We know it might seem weird to get excited about some leaves or learning How To Grow Sugar Snap Peas In A Pot, but when you see some new growth on a happy plant, it’s MAGICAL and it gives you a sense of “I made that happen!!!” which is super rewarding. If you’re a little nervous about taking the plunge into plant parenthood, look for a low-maintenance plant that thrives on being ignored!

3. Check-In On Your Goals

Time to take stock of your goals and learn some new Goal Setting Tips! Write down any lingering New Years' Resolutions, fitness targets, and personal growth goals you’re working on and see how you’re progressing with them – check in and see if you’re still on track or if you’ve slipped up on a few (no judgement here!). Cut any B.S. and be brutally honest with yourself to decide if these goals are actually still important to you and if they’re worth prioritizing, or if you’ve just been working towards something because it felt like the thing to do. Cutting some goals and focusing on what matters will help with mental clarity, as well as free up some time to put your energy towards the goals that are worth it!

4. Take 5

Find 5 minutes in your day – this can be 5 mins in the morning, before bed, on your lunch hour, sitting in the car waiting for your kid, and practice simple self care. This can look like whatever – and stretching, meditation e, or doing some breathing exercises. Give your mind and body a chance to take a little break, you deserve it!

5. Create a Mood-Boosting Playlist

Ours is called “Best Self” and we stand by it. Find your absolute favorite songs that you can’t help but dance to, that make you feel like you can kick some ass, and that you’re 100% required to sing along to when it comes on. Those are YOUR songs. Throw them all on a playlist for whenever you need an instant pick-me-up or you’re hustling to power through the hard part of your workout.

6. Clean Up Your Email

This can be an ongoing project or you can carve out half an hour to get ‘er done but in our digital world, a clear inbox = a clear mind! Delete any emails you don’t need, organize important ones into folders so can keep track of them and keep your main inbox tidy, and unsubscribe from anything that you roll your eyes at or immediately delete when you get the notification. If a store you barely shop at emails you 5 times a day, it’s time to go!!

7. Add or Subtract 1 Thing From Your Morning Routine

Small changes can have a huuuuge impact. Adding one thing to your morning routine that will get your day started on the right foot, or subtracting something that’s not really working, can change your whole day. Consider some of these options for something you could add to your routine; drinking a big glass of water first thing, taking a few minutes to stretch, getting in a workout, or fueling up with a high-protein breakfast (we know a thing or two about that!). For something you could subtract, try: screen time right when you wake up, hitting snooze enough times that it leaves you rushing, or paying for overpriced coffee every morning.

We hope that some of these tips will put the pep back in your step and get you back on track to being your best self!

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