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Fun Facts About Oats

Posted: March 10, 2022

All about oats

Are oats gluten-free? 

All oats are naturally gluten free however you should always check the label of the oats you are about to eat to ensure this because many oats are processed in facilities which also process rye, barley, and wheat. Rye, barley, and wheat DO contain gluten so any oats that encounter machines used to handle them can become cross contaminated with gluten. Thankfully RX AM Oats are certified gluten free and are a good source of iron and fiber, which can sometimes be lacking in a gluten free diet.


Oats Calories

One cup of any flavor of RX AM Oats has 260 calories. In addition to oats, the calories in RX AM Oats come from the ingredients we add with protein that make them stick to your ribs-we're talking almonds, dates, and one entire egg white per package.


Are oats good for you? 

Due to its low net carb count, some flavors of RX Almond Butter are keto friendly. Net carbs are the total amount of carbohydrates minus the dietary fiber. All flavors of RX Almond Butter have between 4 and 5 net carbs. All flavors of RX Almond Butter also have 9g of protein meaning our almond butter is a tasty snack that will also help satisfy your hunger. Finally, RX Almond Butter also contains calcium, iron, and potassium.


Are oats a grain?

All flavors of RX Almond Butter have 9g of protein per 32g serving. Our almond butter has extra protein because we add egg white protein. This extra protein helps you increase your protein intake during the day.


Where do oats come from?

Oats were first domesticated in the ancient Near East and Mediterranean regions about 6,000 years ago. Due to their smaller seeds oats were generally not favored by ancient farmers over other cereal crops such as wheat and barley. Until even relatively recent times oats were primarily used as animal feed or as sustenance for the poor! Today we know that oats are packed with essential vitamins and minerals and are a great component of a balanced breakfast.


Are oats wheat?

Oats are not wheat, but they are a cereal grain just like wheat or barley. This means they are a grass cultivated for their edible seed. Unlike wheat oats are naturally gluten free.


Are oats keto?

Most almond butter including RX Almond Butter products are safe for dogs. We still recommend you consult with your veterinarian before introducing almond butter to your pet’s diet. The high fat content can leave them with an upset stomach.


How are oats made?

Oats are a cereal grain meaning they are an edible grass seed, like wheat or barley. Oats are transformed from grass seed to edible grain by shelling the seed and separating the oat kernel from the inedible hull. After that various degrees of chopping, steaming, and rolling are applied to the oats to make the different varieties.


Are oats whole grain?

Oats are a whole grain no matter how they are prepared. To be considered "whole grain" the grain must include the bran, germ, and endosperm. To put that more simply, the grain you eat must include:
1. The germ or embryo- which creates a new plant when the seed is in a ground.
2. The collection of nutrients which nourish the embryo- the endosperm.
3. The outer layer which protects the whole package- the bran.

RX AM Oats are 100% whole grain.


Are oats nuts?

Oats are not nuts, they are a cereal grain. This means that they are derived from the edible seed of a grass plant.


Do you make RX AM Oats with protein powder?

Each cup of our oats has one powdered egg white in it to provide a protein boost.


Are oats high in fiber?

Oats are a good source of fiber because they are a whole grain. This means when you eat an oat you're eating the germ, endosperm, and bran of the kernel. In other grain products that use refined flour only the endosperm is present. RX AM Oats cups have 6g of fiber, 21% of your daily value.


Where do oats grow?

Oats will grow in most temperate climate zones. This means they can endure cooler summers and more rain than some other cereal grains. According to the Food and Agriculture Organization, in 2017 21% of oats grown worldwide were grown in Russia. Canada was responsible for another 14% and Australia, Poland, China, and Finland also each produced more than one million tons of oats.


Are oats high in protein?

According to PubMed article “Proteins in oats; their synthesis and changes during germination: a review,” oats are better source of protein than many other cereal grains with between 11% and 17% of their dry weight being protein. One cup of RX AM Oats have 12g of total protein (between 18-19% of your daily value) and one packet of RX AM Oats have 10g of total protein (18% of your daily value) because we add dried egg whites and almonds which each contribute more protein.