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Our Mission

Everyday we strive to build strong brands, products, and communities to inspire and fuel all people.

A runner's leg, with a water bottle and RX Bars pictured in the grass

Real Food, Real Change

Through social campaigns, community partnerships, and event support, we hope to equip every person with the fuel they need to be a catalyst for real change in the world.

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a yoga class with a city in the background

Community Wellness

We know that wellness goes beyond just eating right. To help improve community wellness for all, we’ve partnered with a few organizations that are working to inspire all people to move a little more.

Two women at a table with a city in the background

Culture & Workplace

The most important part of RXBAR is the people behind it. That’s why we strive to create a safe and inclusive workplace environment where all of our employees can thrive and be their most authentic selves.

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