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6 Ways to Have Fun this Halloween Without the Sugar Crash

Posted: October 21, 2022

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Let’s clear something up immediately – we’re not planning on having a candy-free Halloween. But, we still have health and fitness goals we’re working towards (and we’re sure you do too!), so having a candy-full Halloween isn’t really ideal either. Even though it usually feels like Halloween is all about the candy, half of the fun is the build-up to the 31st once we’re in October, so we’ve got 6 ways to enjoy the fun of the season rather than the Halloween-sized treats that are lurking around every corner:

1. Embrace the Spooky

October is the spookiest month of the year, so take a walk on the scary side! Going to a haunted house will give you the adrenaline rush that a sugar rush wishes it could be, but for a more low-key spook a horror movie marathon will fit the bill.

2. Check off the Classics

Load up your weekends with classic fall activities that make their rounds every year! Hit up a pumpkin patch, try apple picking, go for a hayride, or navigate through a corn maze. Bonus: a lot of these activities are pretty active, so you’ll burn some calories! If you need a refuel between fall fun, keep an RXBAR Mini stashed in your pocket for a quick 6g of protein.

3. Alt Trick or Treating

It’s a little harder to convince the little ones to pull back on the candy, so offer up some super fun candy alternatives for trick-or-treaters that are even more exciting than a tiny chocolate bar! Think mini slime or play dough, little inexpensive Halloween toys, glow sticks, temporary tattoos or stickers, or bouncy balls!

4. DIYs and Crafts

Plan some DIY projects that you can work on throughout the month to keep the spooky vibes going – no sugar needed. Try making the finishing touch for your Halloween costume to take it over the top, whipping up some decorations for your Halloween party, or getting one of the million craft kits online for your kids!

5. Homemade Treats

Making goodies at home means that you know exactly what’s in them. You can make macro-friendly recipes that are still fun and feel like fall, which is the most important part! (This is code for pumpkin spice everything). We’re snacking on Pumpkin Spice Power Bark between our festive activities for a hit of protein!

6. Make Everything a Competition

The Halloween spirit and the competitive spirit are basically the same things, right? Add a little spice to the season by turning everything into a contest! The fastest person to gut a pumpkin, best costume – you get the idea. Do it up big and make it a month-long challenge with a prize for the overall winner!

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