4 Nighttime Routine Tips for Self Care

By Rebecca Costa (@xxrlilly)


With all the busyness and chaos of the day, focusing on a nighttime routine to settle down and prepare for a good night's rest should be a top priority. Sometimes the unwind of the night can be distracted by remnants of the day, that's where these sleep hygiene tips really come in handy to stay focused and remember your priorities, even when your routine needs to be flexible. Today we’re sharing a few #RXercise Your Mind tips to help you unwind and focus on self-care before bed.

Prepare for Sleep.

Set some time aside to prepare for sleep and ready yourself for the following day and ease the potential for a hurried morning. This means setting out your vitamins and supplements somewhere you'll easily see them, maybe leaving an RXBAR or RX A.M. Oats for easy grab-and-go fuel, setting the coffee maker on a timer and occasionally a good brain dump of everything you need to get done the following day.

RX A.M. Oats are a really great go-to for busy mornings. Somehow we sit down at our computers and get working for the day, all of a sudden we can skip right through the day and find ourselves at lunch. By leaving a quick, easy and nutrient dense breakfast option out when you are getting ready for bed, at your desk the night before, you’re preparing yourself for a successful morning too! Each of the four flavors are packed with protein and fiber.


Move and Stretch Before Bed.

Whether it's a slow flow yoga class, a good nighttime stretch or walk around the block, moving your body a few hours before bed helps loosen the tension your body sometimes holds from a long work day. A before bed workout can be the perfect transition your mind needs from work zone to home zone too. In addition to the physical benefits of stretching before bed, this is also a great way to spend quality family time together!


Unplug: No Screen Time Before Bed.

Studies show that blue light before bed can powerfully suppress your body’s' natural production of melatonin as it prepares for sleep. For this reason, try to avoid TV and your phone before bed during your night time routine. Leaving electronic devices in another room like the bathroom or kitchen can help, so there's no chance it will interrupt your night time routine or sleep in your bedroom. Out of sight, out of mind! 


Read Before Bed.

There are many benefits of reading before bed: Reading is a great way to move into a calming, relaxed and clear head space. If you’re looking for good reads before bed, a good place to start your reading adventure is Reese's Book Club or The New York Times Best Sellers. Journaling is another great option! Spend some time reflecting on your day and listing out a few things you’re grateful for.


Tea for Bedtime.

Cozying up to a warm mug of tea with a good book is just the coziest way to unwind. Some favorites for a night time routine include chamomile and sleepy time tea. Tea can have a very calming effect on your night, but be sure it's caffeine free so you’re still setting yourself up for a good night's rest.


We hope these #RXercise Your Mind tips help you unwind and show yourself a bit of tender love and care before bed.