Breakfast should be worth waking up for, so we made RX A.M. Oats. With 12 grams of protein, 6g fiber, and simple ingredients like egg whites, fruit, nuts and gluten free oats, this instant oatmeal is something to look forward to each morning. Each convenient, single-serve oatmeal cup is painless to prepare hot for a quick breakfast idea or as easy overnight oats so you can enjoy them no matter what life throws at you. Have protein oats for breakfast with RX A.M. Oats.

  1. Oats Variety Pack
    Oats Variety Pack 12 Oatmeal Cups
  2. Vanilla Almond Oats
    Vanilla Almond Oats 12 Oatmeal Cups
  3. Maple Oats
    Maple Oats 12 Oatmeal Cups
  4. Chocolate Oats
    Chocolate Oats 12 Oatmeal Cups
  5. Apple Cinnamon Oats
    Apple Cinnamon Oats 12 Oatmeal Cups
  6. sale
    Vanilla Almond Family Bundle
    Vanilla Almond Family Bundle 12 Protein Bars, 10 Nut Butter Packs, 10 Oatmeal Cups
    Special Price $72.99 Regular Price $76.97

There are three types of people in the world: people who pour boiling water on their RX AM Oats, people who don't even have time to boil water and just pop that oatmeal cup right in the microwave, and people who let their instant oats luxuriate, all night, in a dairy or dairy-alternative bath of their choosing. We'll let you decide which method is best (overnight oats FTW) and get to the point we can all agree on – all four flavors of RX AM Oat cups are delicious no matter how you prep them. You're an apple cinnamon oatmeal + microwave type of person? Great, you do you. Chocolate overnight oats more your speed? That's cool too. We're just happy to give you an easy breakfast idea and a high protein oatmeal with egg whites, fruit, nuts and gluten-free oats. Offered in convenient oatmeal cups, RX AM Oats is a breakfast on the go that's worth waking up for.