Pop quiz: What’s half the size of a regular RXBAR but still comes in four of your favorite flavors? That’s right, RXBAR Minis. These small protein bars are great for smaller workouts or for when you’re just a little peckish and need something to tide you over.

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Some things just need mini versions of themselves made (we’re looking at you, Goldendoodles.) We aren’t saying mini is better, but it can be more fun. At least, that was our philosophy when we created RXBAR Minis. They’re mini protein bars that are exactly the same as regular RXBARs- but smaller. Why make a mini protein bar? Good question. First off, we don’t care how much self-control you allege you have, we’re betting that once you tear open the wrapper of your favorite flavor of a regular size RXBAR you’re going to be hard pressed to not eat the entire thing at once. But on the off chance you are capable of such a Herculean task, what becomes of the other half? God forbid you slip it into your back pocket and it accidently goes through the laundry. We shudder just imagining such a travesty befalling one of our bars… and your jeans… and your dryer… so instead, we made mini snack bars that you can finish in one sitting, guilt free.