Coconut Bundle

12 Protein Bars, 10 Nut Butter Packs
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Coconut Bundle

Protein Bars

Okay. So, it might not be an all-inclusive resort. Or a beachside cabana. But we think our Coconut Bundle has everything you need for the ultimate taste trip.

Whether you’re craving some Coconut Almond Butter on toast or need a post-workout Coconut Chocolate protein bar, this tropical bundle has you covered. And even better, both of these high-quality protein snacks are made with real coconut plus a few other simple ingredients like egg whites, dates, and nuts.

Includes one box of twelve bars of Coconut Chocolate RXBARs and one box of ten single-serve packs of Coconut Almond Butter.

Gluten Free

Real Ingredients**

**Visit for details

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