Eat a Gingerbread RXBAR This Season and Save Billions of Holiday Dreams

Every holiday season, we bake billions of gingerbread people into the world. All they want to do is celebrate and bring holiday cheer, but just like clockwork, they are eaten before they can even sit on Santa’s lap. We at RXBAR want to put a stop to this social injustice with a worldwide call to action to let the gingerbread people live their holiday dreams.

When you think about it, it’s like they never had a chance and frankly, it’s just not fair. Pumpkins get to celebrate Halloween. Bunnies get to hop around every spring. Even the turkey gets to enjoy part of Thanksgiving before, well, you know. 

We dress gingerbread people to the nines and give them beautiful houses, so now it’s time to let them throw their own holiday soirees. We enjoy our favorite holiday activities like making snow angels, writing wishlists and singing carols, and this year gingerbread people will, too.

But we’re only humans, and we have our cravings from time to time. So to get your gingerbread fix, just have a Gingerbread RXBAR. We’ve brought back this crowd-favorite flavor to provide you all with the festive flavors you crave - without the crushed dreams part.

The limited edition Gingerbread flavor combines RXBAR’s signature simple ingredients - egg whites, dates and nuts - with allspice, ginger and sea salt for a better-for-you way to get your holiday flavor fix. But catch them while you can - Gingerbread RXBARs are available at, and select grocery, natural, specialty and mass retailers across the U.S. only while supplies last.