Blueberry: Box of 12

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Dates, Egg Whites, Almonds, Blueberries, Cashews, Natural Blueberry Flavor--------ALLERGENS: ALMONDS, CASHEWS, EGGS

Blueberry: Box of 12

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Blueberry is a go-to favorite. The aroma of this bar will have you hooked as soon as you open the wrapper. Bursting with blueberry flavor, 12 grams of protein and only 6 ingredients, this bar is perfect for a convenient breakfast, on-the-go snack or as pre-or-post workout fuel.

Quantities of ingredients listed on front of package determined by net weight.
Manufactured in a facility that also processes peanuts, tree nuts, milk and soy.

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Customer Reviews

  • Quality
    Top Pick
    Review by Jennifer on 11/17/2016
    This is a perfect bar. The inclusion of blueberries takes it next level!
  • Quality
    Super awesome!
    Review by Olgaon 8/22/2016
    One of my favorite flavors! so far everyone I shared it with like it a lot too and my husband eats mostly these.
  • Quality
    Summary of Your Review
    Review by Parison 8/11/2016
  • Quality
    Summary of Your Review
    Review by Julianneon 7/5/2016
  • Quality
    The Family Favorite!
    Review by Terrion 6/23/2016
    I have a hard time keeping these in the house. We all love them. Don't get me wrong all your flavors are great but the blueberry is by far the 1st ones gone.
  • Quality
    Delicious, better than desert!
    Review by elisaon 6/13/2016
    Moist chewy and goes great with coffee. The tastiest of bars
  • Quality
    Awesome Protein Bar!
    Review by Amberon 5/24/2016
    Our whole family enjoys these including our 15 month old. They are easy for outings for a healthy snack option.
  • Quality
    Summary of Your Review
    Review by Kimberlyon 4/26/2016
    Awesome! Personal fave!!
  • Quality
    My kids LOVE these
    Review by Anna Marieon 4/15/2016
    I buy these for my gym almost as often as I do the Peanut Butter bars. I also grab a couple boxes for our 4 kids. We have dairy allergies, so these bars are PERFECT to carry around and give them when snack-time rolls around. The summer-y blueberry smell and bits in the bar make it a total hit!
  • Quality
    Perfect bar from a great company!
    Review by Angelaon 3/29/2016
    Been eating RxBars since I went through Whole30 last fall. Someone suggested them as a sneak or meal alternative. One bite and I was hooked. Love the taste. Love the simplicity. Love the no BS. Recently received a box of the blueberry that weren't quite up to par in terms of the way they arrived. I emailed the company and within a few days someone contacted me to gather some feedback to prevent the issue from happening again. Somehow they have made me even more loyal. Recently found a local shop that carries the bars. So excited that I now never have to run! Thanks RxBar!
  • Quality
    Summary of Your Review
    Review by Maxon 3/18/2016
    Blueberry is an excellent flavor. Good anytime of day
  • Quality
    Summary of Your Review
    Review by Deborah on 2/21/2016
    We all love this bar, it is our go to favorite when we need a healthy snack or just a good, quick breakfast ! I eat and so does my kids and grandson! He asked for one just this morning but I was all out of the blueberry ones so he had to settle for a peanut butter one! Great for when we travel as well!
  • Quality
    My go to lunch
    Review by Carolon 2/21/2016
    I have been on the Whole30 health program for two months. When I am on the run and not near a meal that is appropriate I grab one of the Blueberry bars and know that I will be to only staying on the program but eating a meal that is satisfying, healthy and curbs the sweet tooth.
  • Quality
    Summary of Your Review
    Review by Joellenon 2/10/2016
  • Quality
    Delicious and nutritious! :)
    Review by mdbainon 1/7/2016
    Hey guys! My name is Maya and I am a huge fan of this flavor of RX Bars. My other top picks are the pumpkin spice, and apple cinnamon varieties. These are high quality bars packed with healthy fats, fiber, and protein. Thank you RX Bar for creating such yummy bars!
  • Quality
    Review by Amyon 10/23/2015
    Better than a muffin, and much more convenient!
  • Quality
    My whole family's favorite
    Review by Erinon 10/21/2015
    Out of all the bars, this one continues to win us over and over again. All my children (13,11,10 and 5) love this one the most, too! Such a great healthy snack for me and and their lunch boxes.
  • Quality
    vibrant flavor
    Review by Jession 9/3/2015
    I love the Blueberry RX Bars when I am craving a delightful fruity snack. Not only will your senses explode as you open the package by the natural blueberry smell but your taste buds will go crazy over this RX Bar!! Side note: I do not like blueberry flavored things like scones or muffins. If you are like me and don't think you will like this; I dare you to give it a shot like I did! Enjoy!
  • Quality
    Summary of Your Review
    Review by Chrystianeon 8/7/2015
  • Quality
    Love These!!!
    Review by Brandion 7/27/2015
    So glad I found these bars. THANK YOU for making such an exceptional, healthy product!
  • Quality
    Review by Bethon 6/21/2015
    I bought the coconut cacao and blueberry.. The coconut was okay but the blueberry is out of this world!!! So incredibly delicious.. And the smell when you unwrap it is amazing. Definitely my favorite flavor so far.
  • Quality
    I love all the Rx
    Review by Carmen Con 4/14/2015
    I love all the Rx bar flavors!
  • Quality
    Really, really good
    Review by Ellen Fon 4/14/2015
    The Blueberry Rx Bars have saved my life on Whole30. Very satisfying and the flavor is great. I will keep eating these well after I complete my Whole30 program.
  • Quality
    A Fantastic snack!
    Review by Steven Won 4/14/2015
    This certainly is not a meal substitute but rather a great healthy mid meal snack and healthy energy booster. I love all the flavors, coconut is my current favorite followed by blueberry, peanut and apple.
  • Quality
    I really like the blueberry
    Review by Karen Gon 4/14/2015
    I really like the blueberry bars. The intense blueberry smell is awesome. These bars are very satisfying.
  • Quality
    Love the Blueberry and Coconut Cacao!
    Review by Tara Lon 4/14/2015
    Delicious! Love these bars. The problem is limiting myself to one per day!
  • Quality
    Great Company & Product
    Review by Susan Aon 4/14/2015
    Quick, healthy snack. Company is great to deal with- easy orders, fast shipping. Customer service A++.
  • Quality
    Yes, everything delivered and delicious!
    Review by Joel Fon 4/14/2015
    Yes, everything delivered and delicious!
  • Quality
    Blueberry is the bomb!!!!
    Review by Lori hon 4/14/2015
    I like them all, but blueberry is my favorite! Get them into Krogers and Sprouts locations in Grand Junction, CO please!
  • Quality
    Love these bars.
    Review by Pierce Con 4/14/2015
    I travel all the time for work and it's really hard to find good snacks or a quick healthy breakfast. These bars so the trick and are super healthy!
  • Quality
    Review by Deanna Won 4/14/2015
    this shipment was a little dry than previous shipments. Like the bars or dryer not as moist.
  • Quality
    My New Favorite Protein Bar
    Review by Crystal Don 4/14/2015
    These bars are not only healthy but are packed with lots of flavor. They're my new go-to when I need protein without all the extra junk.
  • Quality
    Blueberry Bars
    Review by Laurel Won 4/14/2015
    The last few batches/boxes of Blueberry Bars that I have received have been very dry.
  • Quality
    RxBars at CrossFit 327 Pleasant Hill, Iowa
    Review by Amy Jon 4/14/2015
    These bars are awesome!! Great after a workout!
  • Quality
    Blueberry Goodness!
    Review by Pamela Fon 4/14/2015
    We are fans of the RX Bars! We love the natural taste of the blueberry and feel good about eating the simple, clean ingredients.
  • Quality
    Not as good
    Review by Kenneth Non 4/14/2015
    there seems to be a problem with consistency of taste. I changes fri. Shipment to shipment
  • Quality
    Da Bomb Dot Come
    Review by Gordon Don 4/14/2015
    For real. They are so good.
  • Quality
    blueberry RX bar
    Review by Ashley Aon 4/14/2015
  • Quality
    Actually Blueberry!
    Review by Michelle Oon 4/14/2015
    This bar actually tastes like real blueberries! Blueberry is a hard flavor to master and they have. You can tell real blueberries are used as there is no artificial taste and the bar is literally blue :) On top of the flavor I love the texture of RxBars. These are definitely a must!
  • Quality
    Protein Bar?
    Review by Seth Hon 4/14/2015
    These taste so good, I didn't even know they were a protein bar!! I love them!
  • Quality
    Best bars ever
    Review by Deanna Son 4/14/2015
    Nothing comes close to these bars either as a snack or mini meal. Minimal ingredients, massive taste and texture.
  • Quality
    Great protein source
    Review by Nancy Gon 4/14/2015
    bars are tasty and filling. Only shortcoming is they stick to you teeth while eating. But not enough to give up that Whole30 compliant bar.
  • Quality
    Review by Holly Won 4/14/2015
    These are excellent! I love the fact that there isn't a long list of ingredients that I can't pronounce! I am cutting out all processed foods and this is the one thing I can throw in my purse for a quick snack or meal. Thank you for the quick turnaround on the orders!
  • Quality
    Delicious and nutritious
    Review by Frank Fon 4/14/2015
    Yummmm like a blueberry muffin. And made from ingredients you can recognize. Thanks RxBar.
  • Quality
    Kids love this flavor
    Review by Carrie Con 4/14/2015
    i have to hide these ones from the kids, especially when I'm amidst a whole30 and want them for myself!
  • Quality
    Love these bars!!!
    Review by Ann Son 4/14/2015
    The best tasting, real food protein bar on the market! I have tried all of their flavors and they are all delicious. I have them for breakfast (amazingly good with coffee!) and always keep one in my bag for when I'm on the go.
  • Quality
    The best!
    Review by Dawn Aon 4/14/2015
    These bars are the best and what I like most is they are Whole30 approved!! I am doing a Whole180 and they are saving me from falling off. Thank you, they are amazing!!!
  • Quality
    School librarian
    Review by Robin Hon 4/14/2015
    I have to say I'm a little disappointed with this batch of bars. I ordered 4 different kinds and they all seem a little drier than previous orders. And I don't care for the new packaging. With the old pkg, I could eat half a bar and zip it closed to eat later in the day. Not possible with the new package. The lower price is nice but I don't mind paying for quality products. I was happier with my first order.
  • Quality
    Just as advertised
    Review by Eric Hon 4/14/2015
    Best protein bars I've ever had.
  • Quality
    So yummy!!!
    Review by Elizabeth Hon 4/14/2015
    Love my blueberry RX Bars!
  • Quality
    Love them
    Review by Monica Don 4/14/2015
    These bars are amazing. I can't get enough of them!
  • Quality
    Review by William Gon 4/14/2015
    great bar for a person on Whole30!
  • Quality
    This are one of the
    Review by Blake Aon 4/14/2015
    This are one of the best bars out there
  • Quality
    Rx Coffee flavor
    Review by Debbie Ton 4/14/2015
  • Quality
    Love love love em!
    Review by Cathy Aon 4/14/2015
    Loved the blueberry definitely worth the wait to get them all the way to New Zealand. A great retailer would be ship them quick so I can get more please. Thank you
  • Quality
    Like blueberry muffins, Literally
    Review by Shelley Von 4/14/2015
    These are delicious and taste just like a blueberry muffin!
  • Quality
    Review by Erin Lon 4/14/2015
    Only way I got through those emergency moments of my Whole 30
  • Quality
    The blueberry bars are terrific!
    Review by Kim Won 4/14/2015
    The blueberry bars are terrific! If I don't have time to cook in the morning, these make for a perfect on-the-run breakfast. My saving grace many times during my Whole30. Thanks!
  • Quality
    Everything was delivered on time
    Review by yan Hon 4/14/2015
    Everything was delivered on time & really enjoy the bars!
  • Quality
    Love them!
    Review by Patti Aon 4/14/2015
    have been purchasing these since we changed our diet to paleo. Great mid afternoon snack to get u thru the day!
  • Quality
    Super tasty
    Review by Josh Mon 4/14/2015
    We love the RX bars. All flavors. Keep up the quality products
  • Quality
    Review by Krista con 4/14/2015
  • Quality
    Where have you been all my life?!!!
    Review by Caroline Won 4/14/2015
    Love these bars! We are doing the Whole30 program, the RxBar has been a staple especially for my husband who travels for work. They are super tasty, filling and hit the spot. RxBar is here to stay even when we finish!
  • Quality
    Makes My Day
    Review by Barbara Jon 4/14/2015
    Having a healthy food bar to grab makes my day. Delicious, filling and perfect for someone eating clean with Paleo or Whole30.
  • Quality
    Review by Amy Von 4/14/2015
    Hands down the BEST protein bar I've ever tried. Used them as emergency food for my Whole30. Filling and delicious. Real food!
  • Quality
    Delicious and healthy
    Review by Jeffery Mon 4/14/2015
    I recommend these bars to everyone that is interested in a purely natural alternative to sugar loaded "health" bars. Just wish there were a little cheaper.
  • Quality
    Delicious bars
    Review by Debi Lon 4/14/2015
    Love these bars, wish they were in my Kroger.
  • Quality
    Great for on the go snack
    Review by Julie Aon 4/14/2015
    I usually need something to carry me from a very early breakfast to lunch. The blueberry bars are perfect. Great taste, not too sweet and they really fill you up. i love that everything is natural
  • Quality
    The Best Protein Bar Around
    Review by Peggy Gon 4/14/2015
    After having tried the RxBar, I'll never eat another kind of protein bar again. These bars are flavorful, moist and taste like the simple ingredients found inside- not the flavored cardboard taste of the majority of bars on the market.
  • Quality
    Awesome as always!
    Review by Melinda Mon 4/14/2015
    Customer service is fantastic!
  • Quality
    Thank you!
    Review by V.Doneon 4/14/2015
    "I just got my order. It arrived right after my workout at home.
    I tried the blueberry. Right from the time I opened the package I knew it was
    going to be different. It was so good. I have tried every protein bar out there and
    this is in a league of it's own. I am hooked after one. I can't wait to try the other
    flavours I ordered."
  • Quality
    Blueberry Muffin
    Review by Monica Don 4/14/2015
    The Blueberry RxBars taste like blueberry muffins. Except Whole30 approved, and easier to take with you as an 'anytime' snack.
  • Quality
    I received the package in
    Review by Rita Zon 4/14/2015
    I received the package in no time at all. I am completely satisfied with my order. Thank you
  • Quality
    Review by Alison Kon 4/14/2015
    Blueberry and apple are the best! An easy way to get good nutrition.
  • Quality
    What happened?????
    Review by Sara Lon 4/14/2015
    "Did you guys change the recipe or something of the Blueberry.... My bars almost seemed dry.. This has never happened before, so I wasn't sure if it was just this box or if you changed the recipe?????
    My Peanut Butter ones are AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
  • Quality
    We love the blueberry bars
    Review by Meghann Kon 4/14/2015
    We love the blueberry bars and are now obsessed with the peanut butter bars!!! Thank you for such an amazing product!!!!
  • Quality
    Review by Hilary Con 4/14/2015
    perfect on the go snack packed with real ingredients. My go to snack or compliment to my meal or after dinner treat.
  • Quality
    RXtra delicious
    Review by Amy Oon 4/14/2015
    These bars are great, keep you satisfied and love the natural ingredients especially during my whole30
  • Quality
    Heavy bars
    Review by Maya Don 4/14/2015
    I bought a few of each kind and they are all so-so. I like that the ingredient list is healthy, but they are a bit thick and sit heavy in your stomach. I will eat them of course, but I probably will not order more. Kind and kashi make pretty good bars with low sugar and decent protein..
  • Quality
    Blueberry rx
    Review by Christine Don 4/14/2015
    I love these bars! I throw them in my gym bag and grab one when I am rushing from work to the gym. Most important, they taste amazing!
  • Quality
    Janet Kelts
    Review by janet kon 4/14/2015
  • Quality
    Review by Peter Ron 4/14/2015
    Tastes really really good
  • Quality
    Review by Amy Lon 4/14/2015
    If you like fig newtons, blueberry muffins, chewy sweet treats then you can have all of that and more in the Blueberry Rx Bar. They will make you feel like you are cheating on your eating plan. Love them!
  • Quality
    RX Bars. The best bar on the market!
    Review by Kevin Don 4/14/2015
    I order RX Bars often. I love them and so do all my friends and clients. Love the new packaging too!
  • Quality
    Love RxBar
    Review by InfoSystems, I.on 4/14/2015
    RxBar is a great fill in when on the road and you need a snack to get you home. Keep some in my pack on my motorcycle and in my car. All my kids carry a variety around with them to. Great product.
  • Quality
    Best bar on the market!
    Review by Rylee Jon 4/14/2015
    Best bar on the market from everything including taste, texture, contents(non-gmo) and a great 12gms of protein. Be nice for shipping to be a little cheaper to Canada for bigger orders, but you can't win them all. Fantastic product, my favourite food bar!
  • Quality
    New Recipe rocks!
    Review by Ryan Mon 4/14/2015
    We're loving the new recipe and lower price point of the bars. Keep 'em coming!
  • Quality
    Blueberry Awesomeness
    Review by John Mon 4/14/2015
    These can't be healthy, but they are!
  • Quality
    Review by Kelli Fon 4/14/2015
    Thank you for creating a bar that is stripped of crap and filled with yummy goodness.
  • Quality
    Review of Blueberry RX Bars
    Review by Chip Son 4/14/2015
    Fantastic. They are my biggest seller. According to my clients the Blueberry has the best taste and consistency. Although, the Peanut Butter is a catching up quickly. Completely satisfied with the RX product.
  • Quality
    One if my favorite bars!
    Review by Katie Gon 4/14/2015
    love the blueberry favor! Just the right amount of fruit and sweetness, adequate protein and no junk!
  • Quality
    Finally a Clean Protein bar that taste good
    Review by Lindaon 4/14/2015
    No BS can be found with this product
  • Quality
    Review by Lisa G.on 4/14/2015
    Perfect snack with the added boost of protein! Great taste too!
  • Quality
    Great Post Workout Snack!!!
    Review by Jeffon 4/14/2015
    I love this bar specifically for my post workout snack as I am walking out the door from the gym. It gives me the chances to get some protein, fiber, and anti-inflammatory nutrients in my system. #Fitness #Gains #NOMNOMNOM
  • Quality
    Real food protein!
    Review by Sam M.on 4/14/2015
    I know that's corny but these are delicious! Blueberry is a nice lite snack for mid morning.