Apple Cinnamon: Box of 12

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Dates, Egg Whites, Almonds, Cashews, Apples, Cinnamon, Natural Apple Flavor--------ALLERGENS: ALMONDS, CASHEWS, EGGS

Apple Cinnamon: Box of 12

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The old favorite is now even better. Apple Cinnamon has a new recipe that tastes just like your favorite fall apple pie. And like all of our bars, it’s packed with 12 grams of protein and nutrition-rich fruits and nuts.

Quantities of ingredients listed on front of package determined by net weight.
Manufactured in a facility that also processes peanuts, tree nuts, milk and soy.

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Customer Reviews

  • Quality
    An Apple Rxbar a day keeps the Doctor away!
    Review by Amyon 10/8/2016
    This sticky yummy protein bar is literally what my Doctor ordered. I had Bariatric surgery a few years ago and I struggle finding protein bars that I can tolerate that doesn't have any "fake sugar" in the ingredients. My weight management Doctor recommened this bar and I fell in love with the Apple Cinnamon and the Pumpkin Spice (why oh why can that one NOT be year round!?)! I still have a few bars to try but so far I haven't found one I didn't like! So thank you for making a protein bar that isn't only yummy but one that doesn't try and claim "natural ingredients" or "organic" and have Splenda as a ingredient!
  • Quality
    Summary of Your Review
    Review by Nathanon 10/3/2016
  • Quality
    So convenient
    Review by Carmenon 9/25/2016
    Perfect any time. Breakfast or lunch with a cup of coffee or after a work out. On the go or just sitting quietly in front of a warm fire on a cool evening..these apple cinnamon RX protein bars are heaven..
  • Quality
    Summary of Your Review
    Review by Cimarronon 9/4/2016
    Great taste! Perfect for a breakfast substitution!
  • Quality
    Review by Melissaon 6/30/2016
    I purchased the sample pack and truly wished they had included 2 of amazing
  • Quality
    These are MY personal favorite
    Review by Anna Marieon 4/15/2016
    The spicy-sweet taste is my favorite of all the flavors, hands-down. I love pretty much all of them, but this one is the most satisfying to me. It might be the cinnamon and the autumnal smell that wafts out at you when you open the package. Either wat. I LOVE this flavor
  • Quality
    Great Quality but not my favorite flavor
    Review by Jession 2/9/2016
    As usual RxBar does not fall short to deliver an amazing product that stands by their name. I finally gave the Cinnamon Apple Bar a shot. I don't dislike it but it's not my go to bar. I find it to be slightly overwhelming. From other peoples reviews it seems to be right up their ally which is awesome because everyone is different and the flavor is true and delicious to its name! Thanks again RxBar!!
  • Quality
    Yummy yummy apple pie!!
    Review by mdbainon 1/7/2016
    Hey everyone! My name is Maya and I am a huge fan of these bars. In the mood for some apple pie? Grab one of these bars instead. The blend of apple and cinnamon flavors definitely fulfills that sweet tooth. :)
  • Quality
    Review by Gailon 6/5/2015
    I subscribed monthly. I try to avoid sugar and all of those bars with bad ingredients. Also, I don't like the taste of most of those fig bars out there. My husband and I both love these. They are great for me especially because I travel for work every week, and they are fine if I leave them in the hot or cold car while I'm in an appointment.
  • Quality
    stop with these review emails for each item in an order
    Review by Joel Fon 4/14/2015
    you have 5 products and theyre all delicious. you cant get anything more out of me. stop this "review your rxbar" nonsense.
  • Quality
    Love these!!
    Review by Samantha Hon 4/14/2015
    These bars are my absolute favorite and the only bar I will spend money on.
  • Quality
    Great product
    Review by Matt Bon 4/14/2015
    Even better customer service
  • Quality
    Very satisfying and a welcome
    Review by Deb Ron 4/14/2015
    Very satisfying and a welcome quick addition to the whole30 program
  • Quality
    Best Bars EVER
    Review by kristi hon 4/14/2015
  • Quality
    Whole30 approved convenience food
    Review by Garianne Don 4/14/2015
    "These bars are a lifesaver for anyone trying to follow Whole30 who travels for a living. Dense and yummy, great emergency food!
    I'd love to see these in Whole Foods or Starbucks
  • Quality
    Apple Cinnamon *****
    Review by Adam Don 4/14/2015
    We love the bars all-together but this flavor snuck up on us for some reason. Delicious.
  • Quality
    Review by Christina Don 4/14/2015
    I am in love with RX bars
  • Quality
    Review by Seth Hon 4/14/2015
    Tastes great!
  • Quality
    My favorite flavor
    Review by Deanna Son 4/14/2015
    These are amazing to taste with great texture. I love that I can take these on a hike and they don't melt.
  • Quality
    Perfect for on the go and in between
    Review by Stacy Con 4/14/2015
    Loved them...they taste great, are satisfying, and held me over to my next meal!
  • Quality
    Great Snack
    Review by James Hon 4/14/2015
    Great taste and nutritional value!
  • Quality
    Review by Randy Fon 4/14/2015
    Awesome service. Shipped all the way to Japan! Best bars on the market!!!
  • Quality
    Whole 30 approved and so good!
    Review by Laura Oon 4/14/2015
    These bars taste amazing and have hardly any ingredients in them. They kept me going after hard workouts during my whole 30!
  • Quality
    Apple Cinnamon bars
    Review by Nancy Eon 4/14/2015
    I have to eat something when I wake up (my workout is first thing in the morning) but I never want "real food" until later in the morning. The RX apple cinnamon bar is appealing to me, easy to grab, and gives me the energy I need for my workout. I travel on business often and they are always in my carryon bag, too!
  • Quality
    Whole30 Lifestyle
    Review by Carrie Con 4/14/2015
    Even my husband and pickiest of kids love this whole30 approved food! (Toss up between this and blueberry as their favorite.)
  • Quality
    Like eating apple pie!
    Review by Sheele Von 4/14/2015
    These are delicious!
  • Quality
    Delicious, real food!
    Review by Aimee Ron 4/14/2015
    I could not be happier with my RxBars. The apple cinnamon flavor is fantastic and I look forward to trying the rest! I'm thrilled to have a protein bar free of unnatural bulking agents and preservatives. Thank you!
  • Quality
    Best protein bars EVA!
    Review by Jill Son 4/14/2015
    Your bars are my go to meal before a workout! I tell anyone who will listen about your product. Fantastic! Thank you
  • Quality
    Family loves the apple cinnamon bars
    Review by Louise Mon 4/14/2015
    Great for after an early morning workout
  • Quality
    Review by Josh pon 4/14/2015
    best bars ever can't get enough of them!
  • Quality
    Review by Nicole Ton 4/14/2015
    i love your product! Specifically the apple cinnamon and the blueberry, you guys should be in the Santa Rosa, CA whole foods, and/or molsberry market in lark field, CA
  • Quality
    Couldn't survive through the Whole30 without them!
    Review by Ann Son 4/14/2015
    Rx Bars give the lasting energy you need when you just cannot find a meal on the go that is Whole30 compliant.
  • Quality
    Delicious but small
    Review by Ralph Aon 4/14/2015
    I love the product but they seem a bit smaller than when I first started buying them over a year ago. I still love them but won't be ad frequent a customer.
  • Quality
    Yummy bars
    Review by Cecilia Ron 4/14/2015
    I have enjoyed these bars and shared them with other Whole30 participants.
  • Quality
    a little chewy, still good
    Review by Kevin Non 4/14/2015
    This box seemed to be a little chewier than the last I ordered. I would also like more cinnamon. Still a really good bar though thanks.
  • Quality
    Great stuff!
    Review by Michael Aon 4/14/2015
    I travel quite a bit and don't always have access to healthy food. The RX bars are a great way for me to keep on the go.
  • Quality
    Great snack
    Review by Julie Aon 4/14/2015
    the apple cinnamon bars are good if you are traveling and need a whole30 compliant snack. They are not as good as the blueberry and coffee cocoa though.
  • Quality
    Best Bar I've Ever Had
    Review by Morgan Mon 4/14/2015
    RxBars are absolutely delicious! Ive not tried a flavor yet that I didnt enjoy. Ive developed a strong dislike to the taste of traditional protein powders (no matter how clean the formulation), so when I learned that RxBars were comprised of whole foods, I had to try them. They did not disappoint!
  • Quality
    Review by Hilary Con 4/14/2015
    Perfect treat or on the go snack. I always have a Rx bar in my purse.
  • Quality
    Best. Bars. Ever.
    Review by Betsy Mon 4/14/2015
    We love both flavors we ordered and like how they are not loaded with sugar or carbs. I put them in my cars and take them with me on flights. The packaging in cool too! I wish stores near me would carry them- specifically Grand Food Market in Winnetka ( related to DJ Foods in Glencoe) and Foodstuffs locations. Get Starbucks to drop their addiction to Kind Bars and carry these! I'm going to write them an email request.
  • Quality
    Love these bars!
    Review by Sam Mon 4/14/2015
    absolutely amazing!!!
  • Quality
    I love them! :)
    Review by Jessica Son 4/14/2015
    The bars are making my Whole30 challenge a breeze! They're perfect! I recommend them to all my friends!
  • Quality
    Review by Kyle Hon 4/14/2015
  • Quality
    Awesome Bars!
    Review by Martha Son 4/14/2015
    Such great bars for after a WOD! If I'm going from a workout to work or run errands and can't have anything from home, I know I can count on RX bars.
  • Quality
    Things are a bit off
    Review by Dr. Hon 4/14/2015
    Disappointed with the size decrease and the bar seems different after the packaging change . People are willing to pay for a quality product
  • Quality
    Active Family; healthy, on-the-go food
    Review by Laura Fon 4/14/2015
    We are a very active family and I am always looking for healthy, on-the-go food. RxBars are by far our favorite. My kids love the Apple Cinnamon and Peanut Butter flavors. I am a huge fan of the Coconut Cacao.
  • Quality
    Great bars!
    Review by Gwen Ton 4/14/2015
    Thank you for providing real food on the go. They taste just like apple pie!
  • Quality
    RXtra delicious
    Review by Amy Oon 4/14/2015
    Love these bars, great flavors great ingredients. Really great post WOD and also during a whole30
  • Quality
    Review by Heather Ron 4/14/2015
    Appreciate the Natural Ingredients.
  • Quality
    Apple Cinnamon Bars
    Review by Kevin Don 4/14/2015
    The Apple Cinnamon Bars and all the RX Bars are fantastic. Everyone, including me loves them. They are great for a snack, energy bar on a ride or skiing. They don't freeze in your pocket like many bars do and they always taste great. The new packaging is awesome!
  • Quality
    Best Seller
    Review by Andrew Zon 4/14/2015
  • Quality
    Apple Cinnamon bars
    Review by Amy Aon 4/14/2015
    i am addicted to these Rx Apple cinnamon bars! They are healthy, delicious and filling! Also they comply with The Whole 30 guidelines making them a staple in my house!
  • Quality
    Best Bar I've Ever Had
    Review by Ricky Aon 4/14/2015
    RxBar is perfect for either a pre-workout snack or a post-workout refuel. I have one every day after I work out in the morning-not only is it delicious but I know that I'm eating a healthy, clean breakfast and it holds me over until lunch-I've never had another bar that's been able to do that. If I don't get my morning workout in, I will have a bar about an hour before I hit the gym and it really gives me the energy to get through that workout at the end of the day. Great customer service and great people running the show too.
  • Quality
    Casey Grant Fresh Start Wellness
    Review by Casey G.on 4/14/2015
    The bars are great tasting. My clients love them!
  • Quality
    Awesome Stuff!
    Review by Ryan Mon 4/14/2015
    We are loving the new recipe and lower price point!
  • Quality
    Ok but wish they kept packaging
    Review by Carolyn S.on 4/14/2015
    Like the product - filling with the grams of protein but we liked the old packaging. Liked that you could reseal it and current one it sticks to the package wish they had kept the old packaging plus bar is smaller which is disappointing especially since prince remained the same makes for an expensive purchase
  • Quality
    Best bars out there
    Review by Audie M.on 4/14/2015
    These bars are amazing in taste and they are all natural. You can't beat that. I am disappointed that they switched bar wrappers. The wrapper used to be sealable. I hate the new wrappers. I spend 5 mins. just getting the bar out of the wrapper because it sticks to it. Its worth it though to get to that bar.
  • Quality
    RX Bars - Box Favorite
    Review by Mike M.on 4/14/2015
    RX Bars - Box Favorite
  • Quality
    Best bar ever!
    Review by Denison 4/14/2015
    Fantastic and healthy product.