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Easy, Healthy Beach Snacks

Posted: July 28, 2022

RX Bars on a pool floaty background

We are big fans of beach days over here – hanging in the sun, going for a swim, some general frolicking – you know the drill. For our days of bumming on the beach, we want to keep things easy breezy, but with a liiiiittle bit of planning we can make sure we’re staying fuelled all day long.

We take our beach snacks very seriously. Real estate is limited, especially if you don’t plan on bringing a cooler, and we are not interested in soggy sandwiches or warm yogurt. When it comes to beach snacks, there are a few main things to consider: we want some protein and fiber to keep us full and keep the good times going, hydration is essential – especially if you’re working up a sweat playing volleyball, squeezing in some nutrition is ideal, portability is a must, and our food can’t spoil easily (sorry cheese, love ya!). With that in mind, here are some of our favorite snacks that can take the heat:

1. RXBAR Minis

Individually wrapped snacks are a must. They’re easy to throw in your bag, and you won’t end up chewing on sand the way you would if a lovely beach breeze comes for an open container of hummus. These little guys are half the size of a regular RXBAR and are great for when you need just a little something-something (pssst – that something-something is 6g of protein) to tide you over between dips in the water.

2. Air Popped Popcorn

More filling than chips? Check. Still crunchy and satisfying? Big check. We love the boost of fiber and filling wholegrains. We also love that popcorn is the ideal room-temperature snack and doesn’t get gross if it’s sitting in your bag all day! Sprinkle on a little seasoning to make your popcorn extra crave-worthy, thank us later.

3. Fruit Infused Water

Less of a snack but equally as important, you absolutely NEED to hydrate if you’re spending the day in the sun. Make your water a little more fun by adding in your favorite fruit and herbs for some delicious summer sipping. After filling up your bottles and adding the fruit, throw them in the freezer the night before so you can have extra cold water that’ll also keep your snacks chilled!

4. Nut Butter & Something Crunchy

We’ll leave the something crunchy up to you, but we love whole grain pretzels or seedy crackers to up the fiber and satiety level. Single Serve Packets of RX Nut Butter keep things tidy while you snack and are easy to toss when you’re done! With 9g of protein per packet, these are one of our favorite ways to snack. The best part is that if they do get a little melty in the sun all day, it’s no mess and no stress! The nut butter is even easier to spread, so we’ll take the win!

5. Sliced Fruit & Veg

Hydration and fiber are the name of the game here! Slice up fruit that won’t get brown and sad after a couple of hours – think watermelon, cantaloupe, pineapple, or berries (no slicing needed, sweet). Pile those into a hard glass or plastic container. Avoid plastic bags, that’s just asking for smushed fruit in your bag! Do the same with some hearty veggies like cucumber slices, celery sticks, and baby carrots. Pack these containers next to your icy water bottles to keep them chilled.

6. Quinoa or Pasta Salad

This one requires a little finessing, but if you’re dedicated to your beach day for the long haul, you might need something a little heartier than some munchies. A grain salad does the trick, but it has to be quick and no-nonsense. We promised easy breezy after all! All you need are four ingredients: pasta or quinoa as your base, an oil-based dressing, sliced cucumber, and sliced cherry tomatoes. Add herbs and spices if you’re feeling fancy! Without greens to wilt or a creamy dressing to spoil, this salad can stand up to being buried in your bag all day.

Plan your snacks so you’re not scrambling or starving once you hit the sand, but if the ice cream truck is calling to you while you’re lying on your towel, there’s definitely room for a cone!

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