How To Make An RXBAR Costume For Halloween

How To Make An RXBAR Costume For Halloween

So you want to be an RXBAR for Halloween? We dig!

But how do you make your costume?

Which flavor should you be?

And do you need to hand out RX Kids Bars all evening to stay in character? 

All good questions, even if we’re only going to hit the first one here (free will can take care of the other two, right?).





  1. Pick your favorite RXBAR flavor. Need inspiration? Check here
  2. At this point it’s highly recommended that you eat your RXBAR. You’re going to need the energy for what’s next (plus, it’s easier to copy the wrapper when it’s empty. Maybe.)
  3. Get your supplies out handy. Think large cardstock, scissors, rope, hole punch, ruler, paint and paint brushes
  4. Get to work recreating your all-time favorite protein bar.

It might not be the scariest costume in town, but at least you know it’s B.S. free!